Wireless communication
IoT smart devices could be interconnected or connect to the Internet through wireless communication. Before going on the market, these devices must pass rigorous and complicated verification tests to meet the specifications and design needs. SIGLENT’s spectrum analyzers and vector network analyzers could play an important role during this process. Their functions of VNA, spectrum monitoring, channel power measurement and antenna design could provide a series of test and measurement in the applications of WIFI, Bluetooth, RFID and other communication technologies.
Smart wearable devices
Generally, smart wearable devices come with a battery and one of the important features of them is low-power consumption. Then how to powering the system for a long time comes to a great challenge for most designers. SIGLENT’s DC power supplies, multimeters and electronic loads could provide a series of power test and measurement with high-precision to meet the engineers’ debugging requirements. 
Smart home Products
The smart home is popular in modern society, this technology makes people’s daily lives much more convenient and effective than before. Both the perceptual technical indicators of products such as the stability of product communication, the power consumption and the technical indicators such as electromagnetic compatibility, conducted radiation, safety specifications are highly concerned by consumers and PM. SIGLENT RF signal sources and spectrum analyzers could provide test & measurement solutions for these products.
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