Embedded device design and debugging
In the era of Industry 4.0, people's lifestyles have changed a lot. Digital technologies enable more and more items to be 'intelligent', and connect many aspects of modern lives and work together, such as IoT, e-health, driverless, smart city and so on. This development has a higher demand for the performance of next-generation electronic devices. As a global leader producing electronic test and measurement equipment, SIGLENT could provide you with the following solutions:
• Power commissioning analysis, such as loop analysis, battery life test, etc.
• Measurement and analysis of analog/digital signals, such as serial signal analysis, simulation and analysis of sensor signals, etc.
• Wireless signal testing, such as WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.
• EMI debugging
Intelligent manufacturing system
One of the main purposes of industrial manufacturing is to save manpower, cost and improve production efficiency by replacing the human labor in the manufacturing process with a highly integrated and intelligent manufacturing system. In the Intelligent manufacturing system, the measuring devices will collect data about the production process automatically, then sent the information to the system center to through the network. By improving test efficiency continuously, the system could meet stricter quality standards. SIGLENT provides test and measurement equipment with a standard SCPI instruction set to help customize a personalized intelligent test system.
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