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How do I pick the right spectrum analyzer for my application?
Many people have trouble in choosing spectrum analyzer.
In this note, I will tell you How you can pick the right spectrum analyzer for my application.
Power Supply Design: Load Step Response with a SIGLENT DC Electronic Load
Building a power supply that can handle various loads without oscillating can be a challenge. Computational models and computer simulations can help get your design headed in the right direction, but physical testing is essential to proving the performanc
The basic output waveform and related parameters of the arbitrary waveform generator
Traditional function generators can no longer meet the requirements and an arbitrary waveform generator may be a good option.
Where is the MAC address information for SSA3000X, SSA3000X Plus, SSA3000X-R, and SVA1000X?
The MAC address can be found on the LAN config interface.
Path: System--interface--LAN.
How to correctly use spectrum analyzers for EMC pre-compliance tests
This application note introduces you how to set EMC pre-compliance tests parameters and what is the effect they bring to your measurements. There are also sensitivity considerations and tips for protection of SA during tests.
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