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SNA5000A Vector Network Analyzer
  • Frequency range: 9 kHz ~ 8.5 GHz
  • Setting range of output level: -55 dBm ~ +10 dBm 
  • Dynamic range: 125 dB 
  • Support 2/4-ports scattering-parameter, differential-parameter, and time-domain parameter measurements
  • Support one-key measurement of  Q-factor, bandwidth and insertion loss of a filter
  • Support  impedance conversion, fixture simulation and adapter removal/insertion adjustments



Low noise floor and a wide dynamic range for accurate measurements
System Dynamic range, the difference between the measurement power available at the test port and the noise floor of the receiver is critical parameter of a VNA. The SIGLENT SNA5000A dynamic range is up to 125 dB@10 Hz IFBW, noise floor is down to -125 dBm/Hz, satisfies specific RF test requirements like test passband and out-of-band rejection of filters simultaneously.
Abundant measurements and display formats
SNA5000A supports scattering-parameter measurement, differential-parameter measurement, receiver measurement, time-domain parameter analysis, limit test, ripple test, enchanced time-domain parameter analysis (TDR). 
There are shortcuts to add traces and windows to perform full 4 port S parameters measurements. Various kinds of display formats incluing Log Mag, Lin Mag, Phase, Delay, Smith, SWR, Polar provide convenience to analyze DUT transmission and reflection coefficients, SWR, impedance match, phase, delay. In antenna and filter manufacturing, reference trace and limit test is an efficiency booster for production.

Enhanced Time-Domain Analysis (TDR)
The SNA5000A TDR option contains two parts: TDR/TDT(Time Domain Reflection/Transmission) and Eye/Mask. 

TDR intuitively display impedance discontinuous position and characteristics. It can indicate the impedance of every point along the transmission line, helps to locate fault points. With time domain gating, easily eliminate influences of some kinds of mismatch. It helps to analyze the influences of malfunctions to DUT characteristics.

Without the need of an external generator, it can generate eye diagram with internal virtual pattern generator. Eye/Mask is a genuine signal integration analysis tool.
Eye function provides high performance waveform simulation ability. Without need to change external connections, it can easily improve signal transmission quality at the transmit end with application of pre-emphasis/de-emphasis technology, while at receive end the equalization technique.
Eye function also provides jitter injection function to simulate signals with jitter and to see what effects can it bring to signal transmission.
Calibration with fixtures
It is a great challenge in RF & Microwave area to eliminate fixture errors. S parameters calibration is often performed between RF cable and fixture port plane. DUT is connected to fixture port plane via microstrip lines, which results in errors. Because the actual measurement plane is not the same as calibration plane. These errors can easily be eliminated by simply entering microstrip line length, velociy factor, loss parameters. This Port Extensions function is a useful way to eliminate fixture errors.
Apart from this, SNA5000A also provide Port Match, Adapter Remove/Insert, 2-Port and N-Port De-Embedding, Impedance Conversion to improve calibration accuracy.
Self-definable calibration kits
SNA5000A protect customer's investment in calibrations kits. Not only SIGLENT offers a variety of calibration kits,  but also some other vendors' cal. kits are supported. SIGLENT calibration kits cover the frequency range from DC to 9 GHz for both general purpose and precision-level requirements. Cal kits from SIGELNT includes Short, Open, Load and Thru (SOLT) and comes with connectors type of 3.5 mm or N type. Customers can also add self-defined Cal kits, which meets specific calibration requirements. 
Frequency range 4.5GHz/8.5GHz
Frequency resolution 1Hz
Level resolution 0.05dB
Range of IFBW 10Hz~3MHz
Setting range of output level -55dBm ~ +10dBm
Dynamic range 125dB 
Types of calibration Response calibration, Enhanced Response calibration, Full-one port calibration, Full-two port calibration, Full-three port calibration, Full-four port calibration, TRL calibration
Support Bias-Tees           Yes
Interface LAN,USB Device,USB Host(USB-GPIB)
Remote control SCPI / Labview / IVI based on USB-TMC / VXI-11/ Socket / Telnet / Webserver
Touch control Multi Touch,Mouse,Keyboard
Screen 12.1-inch touch screen
Video output HDMI
Types of measurement Scattering-parameter measurement, differential-parameter measurement, receiver measurement, time-domain parameter analysis, limit test, ripple test, impedance conversion, fixture simulation, adapter removal/insertion
Frequency range
Dynamic range
Trace noise
Range of output level
9kHz ~ 4.5GHz
0.003dB rms,0.03°rms
-55 dBm ~ +10 dBm
9kHz ~ 4.5GHz
0.003dB rms,0.03°rms
-55 dBm ~ +10 dBm
9kHz ~ 8.5GHz
0.003dB rms,0.03°rms
-55 dBm ~ +10 dBm
9 kHz ~ 8.5 GHz
0.003dB rms,0.03°rms
-55 dBm ~ +10 dBm
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