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SDG6000X Series Pulse/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Main Features
  • Dual output channels
  • Maximum 500 MHz output frequency
  • 2.4 GSa/s Sampling rate, 16 bit vertical resolution
  • Pulse frequency up to 150 MHz; Rise/Fall time adjustable, fastest 1ns
  • TrueArb technology, Arbitrary wave length 2 ~ 20 Mpts
  • IQ signal , PRBS, Nosie generator
6-in-1 Signal Generator
· Continuous waveform generator - up to 500 MHz
· Pulse signal generator - fastest rise and fall time 1 ns, low jitter
· Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator - 6 standard waveforms and up to 190 built-in arbitrary waveforms
· IQ signal generator – output IQ baseband and IF IQ signals
· Noise signal generator - output bandwidth adjustable Gaussian white noise
· PRBS generator - output bit rate and edge adjustable PRBS signals
Innovative EasyPulse Technology
With traditional DDS technology, there will be a jitter of one sampling period when sampling rate and output frequency are not integer multiple. With EasyPulse technology, this can be solved perfectly. In addition to output low jitter Square and Pulse signals, EasyPulse tech has advantages of:
· Pulse frequency up to 150 MHz
· The rise and fall time can be set separately, fastest 1 ns
· Pulse width finely adjustable, down to 3.2 ns
· Duty cycle as low as 0.001%
· Low jitter
TrueArb Waveform Technology
TrueArb technology has advantages of low jitter and low distortion over traditional DDS technology. TrueArb technology features by output arbitrary waveforms point by point. It will not leak any waveform info and has other advantages:

· 20 Mpts arbitrary waveform length, keep more details
· 16 bit vertical resolution, higher signal fidelity
· Generate and output arb wave per customer request with standard PC software EasyWave
Vector Signal Source
The SDG6000X can generate commonly used IQ modulations such as ASK, FSK, PSK, and QAM. It can be used as a baseband source of IQ modulations.

· Carrier frequency up to 500 MHz
· Symbol rate up to 37.5 MSymb/s
· The standard EasyIQ PC software can generate multiple IQ modulation types
PRBS Function
· Provide PRBS3 ~ PRBS32 multiple patterns output
· Can preset a variety of logic levels such as: TTL LVCMOS, LVPECL, LVDS
· Rate up to 300 Mbps
· Adjustable rise and fall time

Bandwidth 200 MHz , 350 MHz, 500 MHz
Sample Rate 2.4 GSa/s (2X Interpolation)
Channels 2
Vertical resolution 16 bit
Arbitrary waveform length 2 ~ 20 Mpts
Display 4.3” touch screen display, 480 x 272 x RGB
Interface Standard: USB Host, USB Device, LAN
Optional: GPIB (USB-GPIB adaptor)
Max output frequency
Max sampling rate
Vertical resolution
Waveform length
200 MHz
2.4 GSa/s
16 bit
20 Mpts
350 MHz
2.4 GSa/s
16 bit
20 Mpts
500 MHz
2.4 GSa/s
16 bit
20 Mpts
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